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Robot Tending Injection Moulding - Magor Designs

Robot Tending Injection Moulding


  • The client is a multinational supplier of large injection moulded components to car assembly plants
  • The project involved a client installed, second hand robot tending 5  injection moulding presses producing large car components

Core process was component extraction and injection sprue removal from each component.



  • Robot performance too slow –at over 90seconds per cycle the mould was waiting for the robot
  • The cell was mechanically and electrically unreliable
  • Existing robot tooling failed to consistently  remove injection sprues creating manual finishing requirement for multiple operators
  • Manual requirement for tool changing to serve each product, causing excessive down time
  • Control and safety systems requiring fundamental redesign and integration


  • Improve operational reliability
  • Improve cycle time
  • Enable cell to complete all processes and handle all products

Provide integrated and secure operational and safe working environments



Redesign and manufacture of robot tooling:

  • More compact and light weight to suit operating environment
  • Integral lifting and cutting systems in one tool
  • Simpler and more fluid process to reduce cycle time

Redesigned and engineered operational environment:

  • 3D modelling enabled repositioning of robot for more fluid operation
  • Gravity fed product removal system installed
  • Automatic tool changing capability created
  • Compliant physical and electrical working environment created

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  • Reduction in cycle time of over 40 seconds
  • Process achieving zero failure rate
  • No additional manual involvement required – quality staff returned to added value quality tasks
  • Client gained confidence/performance to deploy multi products in machine – increasing ROI



  • KUKA KR16 Robot
  • Magor designed and manufactured end of robot tooling
  • Electronics and pneumatics
  • Siemens Control Systems
  • Engel Injection Moulder

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