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Magor Robotics & Automation Engineering - Magor Designs

Supporting you in becoming a 21st century business generating greater efficiencies in your production cycle and improving data integrity, process visibility and reporting.

Whether you want to use an industrial robot to automate a single process with one robotic cell or develop a completely automated production line, we have the expertise and experience as a robotic system integrator to design, manufacture and install the solution for you.

Robotics & Automation can bring benefits and efficiencies across a range of functions such as material handling and packing, dispensing and palletising, welding and cutting.

Magor Engineering Design Solutions

The key benefits that automation could bring to your business are:

  • Increase in production rate / Reduction in wasted time
  • Increased precision and reliability / Reduction in batch errors and returns
  • Improvement in use of raw materials / Reduction in costs
  • Increase in throughput 24/7 / Reduction in downtime
  • Reduction in turnaround times / Increase in customer satisfaction
  • Reduction in injuries as dangerous tasks are automated
  • Flexibility to redeploy a robot removing the need to buy a new machine
  • Improvements in space utilisation by a reduction in work area footprint
  • Improvement in the motivation of skilled staff by automating menial tasks


As a KUKA partner we have full access to KUKA’s technical, training and support hub in the West Midlands. Whilst we can provide a robotics demonstration in Resolven, we encourage clients to visit the superb KUKA facility with us to appreciate the breadth and depth of resources available. For robot novices it also provides the opportunity to get hands on.



KUKA offers a technical support platform that draws upon worldwide knowledge and experience. We both contribute to and pull from this hub in developing your solution. We verify our designs and simulations through software supported by KUKA experts.



All of our KUKA robotic cell installations benefit from a full engineering call out, support and service capability delivered direct by KUKA. You can be assured that our installations are robustly supported. The future is robotics & automation.


As internationally recognised preferred global specialists in this field, we create flexible, productive solutions.

Our experience covers the design, manufacture and supply of:


  • Simple jig assemblies – for manual loading and unloading
  • Rotary beam based tooling systems – where productivity demands one product is presented for welding whilst a second is being loaded / unloaded
  • Configurable tooling systems – to enable multi product variants to be run through the same station or beam system without extensive down time


If configurable tooling does not provide you with sufficient flexibility in a given environment we can create a tooling system – so that different tooling modules may be interchanged on your Rotary Beam quickly and efficiently – with simple, quick to use connectivity for mechanical, pneumatic and electronic systems.


We can also provide rotary welding beams in addition to the tooling. Our tooling systems can be provided with a range of sensors and electrical control systems which will provide you with a simple ‘plug and play’ solution.


We expect to work closely with your tooling and welding engineers in addition to your preferred robotic installation partner. Our service can incorporate all the ancillary requirements to make your robotic welding investment productive, such as:


Automated loading and unloading equipment

Performance testing systems – designed to test quality, productivity and ease of operator use

Gauging & Measuring – we have appropriate formats for all circumstances

Saw benches – pre-preparation of components


A common misconception is that to improve production problems you need to scrap what exists. In reality this is rarely the case.


We will look at your existing process with objective and experienced eyes.  You may well have best in class, or fit for purpose machinery – the failure or limitations may well arise from the process that moves material between them.


Factory automation solutions can range from the simple to the sophisticated – ranging from a few feet of gravity fed conveyor or existing machine relocation through to fully robotic automated machine tending cells serving one or more pieces of your existing kit. Combining solutions like this with camera vision technology can integrate quality control and data handling too – potentially providing substantial incremental benefits to your company.


Employees are more productive when they operate in a safe and efficient space.  Let us show you how simple, lightweight and made to measure systems can be designed and implemented in your workplace that will reduce fatigue, time and labour.


So talk to us about your requirements for:


Bespoke work stations

Racking & shelving

Safety / perimeter guarding

Conveyor systems


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