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About Magor Designs Engineering - Magor Designs



Our mission continues to be to deliver the best, user friendly; design led engineering and manufacturing solutions we can offer to you, our client.  Customer feedback tells us we make a difference by delivering the right answer through one, in-house team. Magor Designs are committed to continually improving this offer of a ‘one stop engineering shop’, from initial concept, through manufacture and installation to complete turn key production.


We are a 55 strong team of design, precision, electrical and automation engineers and toolmakers based in South Wales. We have evolved our product and service capability over 50 years so that we can provide a solution to your production issues quickly and cost effectively.

We love what we do; we enjoy working with clients old and new and bring a practical, no nonsense approach to creating the right outcome to your challenges.

As part of our continued drive towards greater efficiencies, sister division Nidum Precision Tooling was integrated with Magor Designs in 2013.

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We strongly believe that engineer to engineer dialogue is vital to building and maintaining successful relationships. Recognised as experts in the automotive tooling and gauging sectors, our experience covers a multitude of industry sectors and challenges from agriculture, through aerospace, defence, canning, glass, packaging and paper, mining, oil, gas and petrochemicals … and more besides.

Magor Designs work with a portfolio of world class manufacturing partners and are our proud to enjoy tier 1 status or equivalent with a number of our key clients. Our customers include Tenneco-Walker, Ford, Jaguar-Landrover, British Airways, Robert Bosch, Calsonic Kansei, Senior Technologies, TRW Group and many other leading names in their field.


We understand the value of youthful enthusiasm and the belief that anything is possible. We are very proud of our award winning Apprenticeship Scheme and currently have 8 apprentices employed in the business.


They are teamed up with a relevant ‘buddy’ chosen from the wider team of more than 50 time served engineers and seasoned toolmakers, most of whom have more than 10 years of expertise in the business. This results in more than 500 years of experience and engineering ‘know-how’ that can be applied to your project.


We understand that complex client projects can benefit from the collaborative approach of a number of specialist providers. As well as being a Systems Partner to KUKA robotics, we are always interested to hear from both practice principals and self-employed designers – you may work in our core markets, you make work in complementary markets or geographies.


We have an open and entrepreneurial attitude to considering how skills, talent and knowledge may be combined in order to deliver excellent customer service.


Magor Designs are proud to have been active members of the Welsh Automotive Forum (WAF) since its foundation in 2001 and have been a sponsor of the Members Annual Networking Dinner since 2013.

WAF is an independent company, with the aim of developing a common approach in achieving sustainable improvement for the Automotive Industry in Wales. An industry led organisation, supported by its Members, Industry Wales and the Welsh Government. The Board of Directors comprises senior executives from the industry and is chaired by Professor Garel Rhys CBE. Tim Williams is the Chief Executive.

The role of the Welsh Automotive Forum continues to deepen and widen. This places it firmly at the centre of automotive activities in Wales which befits its status as the only body which is of, as well as for, the country’s automotive sector. The industry in Wales consists of 40 international component manufacturers including the engine plants of Ford and Toyota together with a further 100 + companies in the service and supply chain, many of which are small and medium enterprises.

In total some 18,000 people in Wales are directly employed in this sector with other jobs being generated by the multiplier effect.  The industry generates sales on average of £3.2 billion per annum and has a combined payroll in excess of £0.5m per annum.

The Welsh Government has made it clear that it wants to support manufacturing and wants to make sure that the role undertaken by WAF and its members attains maximum economic benefit. To this end a new ‘umbrella’ company has been established (2013) by the Welsh Government.

Industry Wales unites the sector forums of Automotive, Aerospace and Electronic and Software Technologies, to achieve greater synergy to support the Government with Inward Investment activity, job creation as well as strengthening research and development, promoting where appropriate, Enterprise Zones in Wales.

Welsh Automotive Forum [W]  http://www.welshautomotiveforum.co.uk/

[T] 01656 658855  [E]  info@welshautomotiveforum.co.uk



We have built our reputation and skill set in the automotive sector, engineering specific parts, jigs and assembly units that hold, contain or secure items on the production line. In essence, Magor Designs make individual parts and entire machines that keep the assembly lines running.


By using our expertise and skills in reverse engineering, we have produced a range of solutions that have created cost effective aids to assembly and maintenance processes.


We have worked with a number of clients that we are unable to tell you about and delivered specific projects that we cannot share with you but don’t let that put you off. We’d love to talk to you!


From bottling and canning lines to picking, packing and wrapping stations we have produced the drawings, built the fixtures and designed the cells that have enabled manufacturing companies to streamline their production environments.



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